“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary IS practice.” Vladimir Horowitz
Who I Am 

When I started playing from my sister's piano books at age 5, I thought a "1" over the note meant middle C!  Well, it worked for a while!  :)  Little did I know that my love of singing was also a significant beginning for a budding musician. 

Formal piano studies began at 7 and have never stopped!

I studied with Denis Moffat at MBI where I graduated with a degree in sacred music.  I then continued at the American Conservatory of Music earning a degree in piano performance while studying with Denis Moffat and William Browning.  Conducting, accompanying, music theory, composition and hymn playing plus collaborating with musicians and piano teachers across the country enriches my life and in turn, enriches my students.  That represents over 30 years of experience working with private schools, homeschool groups and churches teaching theory and general music, conducting choirs (adult and children), playing worship services, collaborating with graded choirs and instrumental students in competition.

Born with the "teacher gene," I am compelled to assist people everywhere in their understanding and enjoyment of music.  I LOVE IT!